Mission Principles

Vision Statement

Children in San Luis Obispo County thrive in nurturing, respectful environments and enter school healthy and ready to learn.

Mission Statement

The Children and Families Commission of San Luis Obispo County allocates funds and advocates for quality programs and services, supporting children prenatal to age 5, to ensure that every child is healthy and ready to learn in school.

Guiding Principles

The Children and Families Commission of San Luis Obispo County will bring programs together to provide high quality, outcome-based, integrated services to families in San Luis Obispo County. The Commission is dedicated to: 1) mobilizing the community around critical issues affecting young children and their families and identifying approaches that begin to meet their highest or broadest needs; 2) considering opportunities for leveraging or matching revenue with other private, local, state or federal programs; 3) considering long-range financial planning based on the expectations that county allocations will become a dwindling revenue source; and 4) considering research findings in selecting the most effective programs and strategies.

The Children and Families Commission’s decision-making is guided by mutually agreed upon standards. The Commission will:

  • Recognize throughout its endeavors the value and respect due to children as individual human beings, and embrace a comprehensive view of child development that encompasses physicality, cognition, behavior, social interaction, and emotions.
  • Develop a comprehensive, integrated service delivery system of early childhood development services.
  • Engage in an ongoing, dynamic and evolving strategic planning process to meet the changing needs of all communities.
  • Ensure community participation in the planning process, including ethnic/cultural, income and geographic diversity.
  • Support programs to reduce the effects of adverse health risks such as secondhand smoke, other substance abuse and family violence on infants and young children.
  • Build upon existing resources and research to avoid duplication of effort during strategic plan development.
  • Respect the cultural diversity among us by providing outreach to all communities in San Luis Obispo County, including families with special needs or those socially isolated.
  • Encourage systems of care where services and projects are integrated into easily accessible child and family centered systems.
  • Ensure positive outcomes for children and their families by evaluating program impacts on children and families.
  • Support efforts to maintain program services and research by leveraging and/or obtaining additional matching grant funds for program enhancement and sustainability.
  • Support access to services for all families in an environment of support and respect.
  • Encourage and support the development of each community's capacity to provide integrated services.