Happy, Healthy and Ready to Learn

First 5 supports new families through:

  • Prenatal Screenings
  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Postpartum Depression Services
  • Health Navigator Family Advocates

Development: As children grow, parents may have concerns about their child’s developmental progress.  First 5 SLO County funds a countywide vision screening program to help assure that young children have the vision they need to learn, play and explore the world.  First 5 also invests in programs like BEST PALS which assess for and treat developmental delays, and Parents Helping Parents which offers parental support for families with children that have special needs.

Tobacco Free: First 5 SLO County believes a smoke free home is the best environment for all children and families.  First 5’s Baby’s First Breath program helps new and soon to be parents in their efforts to quit smoking.

Smiles: All parents love to see their child laughing and smiling which is one reason we invest in children’s oral health programs.  We want to see those teeth looking great!  Another reason is that First 5 knows that children find it hard to learn and often miss school when their mouths are in pain.  This is why promoting good oral care helps children be healthy and ready to learn.

All First 5 SLO County Programs strive to support children and their families so every child is healthy and ready to learn in school.