First 5 Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorship Guidelines

First 5 San Luis Obispo County is proud to help sponsor local events that focus on young children and families, and that are in line with our agency’s Mission, Strategic Plan, Guiding Principles and Priority Areas. Sponsorship requests of up to $500 will be considered toward support of the following types of activities that are offered in San Luis Obispo County:

The following events will not qualify for sponsorship: those that act as fundraisers, do not specifically address the needs of children ages 0-5 and their families, are not part of First 5 SLO County’s scope of work, or conflict with its values and vision.

We invite local organizations operating in San Luis Obispo County to fill out a First 5 Sponsorship application (available on our website at and submit via email to at least two months prior to the anticipated event date. Applicants will be notified approximately two weeks after submission if their request has been accepted. Sponsorship review decisions will be based on 1) connection to First 5 SLO County Mission and Priority Areas, 2) availability of funds, 3) size and reach of event, and 4) distribution of sponsorships to a variety of organizations/groups.

Recognition: We ask for all approved sponsorship events that First 5 San Luis Obispo County is visually reflected via logo on all promotional materials, as well as given verbal recognition if the event offers such an opportunity. In addition, we welcome and encourage the distribution of our own informational brochures, etc., listing our points of contact, programs and services for young children and families.

Click here for a Downloadable Form.