Talk. Read. Sing.

During your child's first year, his or her language will develop faster than any other time.

You talking = your baby learning.

Even before acquiring the ability to speak, babies learn from hearing words spoken or sung. Take advantage of any opportunity to talk, read and sing to your child to teach him or her about language and its connection to the world around us.

Learn more about Talk Read Sing® from the information and resources below. We’re here to support you as you join the #TalkingIsTeaching movement and strive to create the best possible learning environment for your child!

Information for New Parents and Caregivers

Source: Too Small To Fail

The Why:

The How:

Handouts and Guides: What to Give New Parents and Caregivers

We recommend the following resources from Too Small to Fail, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Reach Out and Read:

Handouts: What to Give Health Care Providers

Here are some helpful handouts from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ literacy toolkit: