Funded Partners

First 5 SLO County works closely with people, programs and agencies to create a connected community of child and family support.

We know that by collaborating with community partners, our collective impact will be greater and more sustainable. We rely on these partnerships to ensure that the spotlight on early childhood remains ever-bright, both now and in the years to come.

Perinatal Readiness

  • First 5 CA Kits for New Parents (First 5 SLO County)

    Kits for New Parents are free and contain an educational DVD, resource books, a children's book and more.

    (805) 781-4058

  • BABES (SLO County Public Health: WIC)

    Having any trouble with breastfeeding your newborn? BABES (Babes at Breast Education and Support) provides breastfeeding education and support to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, including phone support and breast pump loan services. You do NOT need to be a WIC client to receive these services.

    (805) 781-5570

  • Perinatal Mental Health Support Services (Center for Family Strengthening)

    With the excitement and stress of a new baby, taking care of parents’ mental health is critical. This program provides counseling, information and referrals for new mothers, their families and other caregivers.

    (805) 541-3367

  • Baby’s First Breath (SLO County Public Health: Tobacco Control Program)

    Do you smoke, and have a young child living in your home? Would you like to quit? Baby’s First Breath offers stop-smoking services to pregnant women, family members, and caregivers of children ages prenatal to 5.

    (805) 781-5564

Child Health and Development

  • BEST PALS (Pediatric Physical Therapy Services)

    Sometimes our kids need a little extra support as they grow into the amazing beings they’re becoming. BEST PALS provides assessment and treatment of children with educational, behavior or sensory concerns. Services include behavior management techniques, parent education, and referrals.

    (805) 550-8799

  • Health Access Training Program (Carsel Consulting Group)

    Health Access Trainers provide professional development training and resources related to health access for family advocates, educators, pre-school teachers, child care providers and healthcare providers.

    (805) 674-0776

  • Oral Health Program Manager (SLO County Public Health)

    First 5 loves to see kids with healthy, happy smiles. The Oral Health Program Manager coordinates children’s oral health services, including dental screenings, referrals, and connecting clients with providers.

    (805) 781-5503

  • Tolosa Children’s Dental Center

    Having trouble finding affordable dental health care for your children? The Tolosa Children’s Dental Center provides preventive and restorative services to children in the county.

    (805) 592-2445

  • Vision Screening and Treatment (Optometric Care Associates – Dr. Doug Major)

    If a child can’t see well, it makes it hard to learn. The Vision Screening and Treatment program provides preschool and kindergarten age children with vision screening and treatment for visual disorders and visual development delays.

    (805) 238-1001

Early Learning

  • Early Learning For All (ELFA – SLO County Office of Education)

    First 5 is committed to supporting quality early childhood education. ELFA provides and coordinates trainings, collaboration and other professional development resources and activities for early childhood education professionals.

    (805) 782-7272

  • California State (CSPP)/First 5 Preschool Program (SLO County Office of Education)

    Kids who attend a high-quality preschool are more prepared for kindergarten. CSPP/First 5 Preschools are open to children ages 3-5 living throughout San Luis Obispo County.

    (805) 782-7275


    This program supports a countywide “Quality Counts” initiative to ensure that early learning programs in SLO County are providing the best possible educational opportunities for children 0-5. Partners on the project include the SLO County Office of Education, SLO County Child Care Planning Council, Child Care Resource Connection, Cuesta College and others.

    (805) 781-4058

  • School Readiness

    First 5 wants kids to be ready for school and schools ready for kids. This neighborhood-based program near local elementary schools provides pre-kindergarten services to parents such as early literacy programs, parent education, child and family recreation, and links to family strengthening activities (including those listed below). Lucia Mar Unified School District operates the School Readiness program adjacent to Oceano Elementary School. Paso Robles Unified School District operates the School Readiness program next to Georgia Brown Elementary School.

    (805) 769-1200 x23261 (Paso Robles)

    (805) 431-2291 (Oceano)

Family Strengthening

  • Parents Helping Parents

    Hearing that your child might have a special need can be overwhelming and uncertain. Parents Helping Parents is a resource center that provides information, referrals, training, family support, and outreach to families of children with special needs.

    (805) 543-3277 (San Luis Obispo)

    (805) 461-7415 (Atascadero)

    (805) 543-3277 (Grover Beach)

  • Early Childhood Family Advocates

    Sometimes parents and caregivers need someone who can sit with them, listen to their challenges and work with them to help them thrive. First 5 Family Advocates provide individualized support and resource referrals for families living throughout the county.

    (805) 543-6216 (Nipomo, Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo) - Center for Family Strengthening - CFS

    (805) 769-1200 x23261 (Paso Robles) - Paso Robles Unified School District

    (805) 474-3690 x2 (Oceano) - Lucia Mar Unified School District

  • Family Support Counseling

    All families need help. First 5 wants to support families where a deeper level of assistance is needed to cope with life’s difficulties. It’s important to know there are people who can help. Individual short-term counseling is available for families with young children who are dealing with behavioral health issues and/or challenging life circumstances. Counseling referrals are made through First 5 SLO County’s Early Childhood Family Advocates (see phone numbers above).