Children's Bill of Rights for San Luis Obispo County

The Rights in Action

Parents and Caregivers can:

Build Positive Relationships and Self-Confidence by helping their children develop self-respect and showing them that they enjoy being with them

Foster a Love of Learning

Early Childhood Educators can:

Encourage parent involvement and support

Engage in activities that improve the quality of early learning environments, teacher practices, and curriculum

Schools (Pre-K-3) can:

Collaborate in the planning for childen's school success

Business Leaders can:

Advocate for their benefits of preschool and support employees with young children

Support Early Childhood Education

Local government and service agency leaders can:

Advocate for policies representing the interests of young children

State policy makers can:

Acknowledge the benefits of investing in quality early childhood development

Last but not least, YOUTH can be advocates for utilizing the Rights in policy and decision-making and educating others about their importance.

All of the above link back to, impact, or affect the 12 rights by making children our community's highest priority.

If today's children of all races, ethnicities, and income levels are not adequately prepared, are not well educated, and their health needs are not addressed, they will not have the capacity to contribute productively to the future workforce.

Children's issues are everyone's issues and we see the Children's Bill of Rights for San Luis Obispo County as a lens whereby county residents can share a common vision of SUCCESS for all children and youth.