Children's Bill of Rights for San Luis Obispo County

The Rights

As the adults of San Luis Obispo County...

One of our greatest hopes as a community is that our children grow up with healthy minds, bodies and spirits that enable them to maximize their potential. As endorsers of the Children’s Bill of Rights, we collectively pledge to work together toward this vision. May we, together, demonstrate daily that our youth are our highest priority, as evidenced by collective commitment of time, money, sustained effort and unified support. May we cultivate our understanding of child development and use it to nurture, guide, challenge, and encourage them along their many paths.

As the children and youth of San Luis Obispo County, may we each...

  1. Live in a stable, comfortable home surrounded by parents, family and other caring adults who nurture us throughout childhood.
  2. Eat healthy and plentiful meals every day.
  3. Have the basics for our daily life - clothing, transportation, and supplies for school, outside interests, and activities.
  4. Be and feel safe everywhere we go.
  5. Enjoy daily physical activity and time outdoors.
  6. Visit a doctor, dentist or counselor when needed to help us stay physically and mentally healthy.
  7. Learn and master ideas and skills in and out of school that inspire us, help us understand and be ready for our place in the world.
  8. Explore a variety of experiences that illuminate the world’s natural beauty, richness and human creativity – arts, nature, culture, music.
  9. Make and keep healthy relationships with friends.
  10. Know that adults and peers listen, respect and support us as individuals while we grow – our diverse cultures, backgrounds, circumstances, talents, sparks, and passions.
  11. Have opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways to our community by voicing our ideas, sharing in decisions and offering service to others.
  12. Be encouraged to dream big, to grow through challenge and mistakes, and to always live with hope and aspiration.

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